How to teach your kids use vacuum to clean house?

Today, many parents not only pay attention to their children’s study but also pay attention to develop their children’s soft skill in life. We can teach those skills right from affairs in our houses like teaching the kids how to use a vacuum cleaner to form helping-parents habbit on them The suitable age to instruct children to use vacuum cleaner is 10 years old. You should choose a vacuum cleaner with simple and handy design controlled easily by children.


Firstly, teach them exactly the operation to increase lifetime and effective work of the machine. Children will be excited when doing things they love. You do the first time as an example for them, then let them hold and control the vacuum directly. This could make children realize that they themselves can control something new and strange. So, this will make your children more exciting and direct observation in them will help them be more confident and develop their ability maximum.


You should suggest children to do this in simple places such as: mattress, floor or bookshelf… While they are working, talk to them and explain about function of the vacuum cleaner. Show them the different between cleaning by using a canister vacuum for hardwood floors and cleaning by hand in order that they could educe a remark themselves about the work they are doing. By this way, they are able to develop their mind and convey-by-word ability.

In the first time, Children will not be able to finish the affair quickly and perfectly. But, don’t rush to help or stop them because this action will make them dejected. When finishing the work, don’t forget to give them your compliments. Compliments will make them inspired and joyful for the next times.

Consider this as the relaxing and chatting time of your family. With the convenience and features of the current vacuum cleaner, you can show your children how to operate the machine and let it move where they like. This is how you evoke their creativity, observance, organization… and teach them to love labor. Also, walking around the house during vacuuming is also very good for the body and osteoarthritis. When you straighten or bend over to clean the corners of the house, the spine will become more supple and body parts are also practiced for more refreshed.

Teaching your children to use vacuum cleaner or different housework affairs suitable with their age both helps them exercising more and brings them life skills.